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{"25":"barley","26":"barley brewing","23":"beans","7":"buckwheat","19":"camelina","10":"chickpeas","2":"common beans","8":"corn","9":"flax seeds (oilseeds)","24":"lentils","13":"millet","28":"mustard seeds (white)","6":"mustard seeds (yellow)","11":"oats","5":"peas","16":"rapeseed","18":"rye","20":"safflower","21":"sorghum","22":"soy beans","12":"sunflower","15":"wheat (durum)","14":"wheat (soft)","30":"wheat bran","29":"wheat flour"}
i want to sell oats, 200 tons
- Terms of delivery:  Россия, Алтайский край
- Quality: for food purposes
- Payment policy: Negotiated
- Manufacturer of grains
- Guest
- e-mail:
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80.31 USD
excluding VAT

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